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Scott Loewen
Scott Loewen 22 timer siden
You should get some cats
Davis Lord
Davis Lord 22 timer siden
The 9560 is jealous that you are trying to replace it with the 9570R
Ohio Farm Life
Ohio Farm Life 22 timer siden
I seen it about a month ago it was a great movie.
Greg Wynn
Greg Wynn 22 timer siden
Just going to throw something out there, in regards to your compaction concerns with the 9570. It looks like you may have a weight transfer issue. Meaning with the drag of the tool and the rear wheel weights the transfer might be more than 50 percent front and rear. Possibly move the wheel weights to the front and use the tillage tools to compensate for the weight in the rear.
Bob The cow
Bob The cow 22 timer siden
I saw that movie last year
Ezequiel R. Gutierrez
Ezequiel R. Gutierrez 23 timer siden
The best moment...in the long day:"¡¡¡NACHOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" hahahahahahaahaha!
Farm and Ranch Hacks
Farm and Ranch Hacks 23 timer siden
Looks intense!
Randy Inglett
Randy Inglett 23 timer siden
I'm setting here wriggling the sweep....trying to get it off
Brian Graham
Brian Graham 23 timer siden
Good job, very enjoyable, be safe ! ( from Canada )
Bar & WC Cattle
Bar & WC Cattle 23 timer siden
Onyx remains me of an old TV show I watch when I go to my grandma's house, it was called Hazel, the kid looks a little like Onyx the boys name was Bobby Buntrock. Watch it sometime and tell me what you saw.
Jared Meena
Jared Meena 23 timer siden
That movie looks so good
Brent Gray
Brent Gray 23 timer siden
We recently had a woman who was trapped and died in a grain bin accident here in Indiana.
William Thomas
William Thomas 23 timer siden
Economy mode...
Heews 23 timer siden
fun fact this movie was filmed on a friend of mine farm in kentucky!!!!
wth82 23 timer siden
Don’t you just love electronics
Jeff McDaniel
Jeff McDaniel 23 timer siden
I watched the trailer, seems intense.
Patrick Spurgeon
Patrick Spurgeon 23 timer siden
Is the movie out?
PaniniDude09 23 timer siden
Been looking for a new movie and that looks interesting
Dominic Boley
Dominic Boley 23 timer siden
Matthew James
Matthew James Dag siden
Next should be PTO..... that's some dangerous stuff there too.
tripl3 thr333
tripl3 thr333 Dag siden
actors are so cringe
Seth Dag siden
A friend I played baseball with throughout my life had to have his leg amputated after it got caught in the sweep at the bottom of a bin. He was maybe 20-21 when that happened.
andy mullen
andy mullen Dag siden
just watched it, I hope as more people watch the movie that brings an awareness of the risks involved.
Daniel Randolph
Daniel Randolph Dag siden
Very emotional very much so !!! Daniel from central Mississippi
Adam Dag siden
65,000 lbs doing 90 better get out of the way because that thing will not feel good if you get hit by it.
Shawn Dag siden
Sounds good
Brody Liebrock
Brody Liebrock Dag siden
I dont have a strong connection with this issue like some. But as a farmer i recognize the danger with this type of thing. Can wait to watch looks pretty sweet
Brian G. Lee
Brian G. Lee Dag siden
Thank you for bringing awareness to the Hazards of Farming . I feel safer in a Chemical plant which I’ve been doing for the past 49 years
Daniel O'reilly
Daniel O'reilly Dag siden
I will definitely watch it Zack. Thank you for the recommendation my friend. As always make sure you keep it between the rows.
Chris Marlatt
Chris Marlatt Dag siden
Scary to even think of worse then drowning I think but guess it's kind of the same either way it's no way to leave this world for sure
Cdawg Dag siden
G Men2121
G Men2121 Dag siden
Im the 8700th like. Lessgo!
theda850two Dag siden
Long Prairie Minnesota FFA chapter sponsored this at the drive-in movie theatre last summer, they made tractor night out of it, good attendance. 👍
Gunnut880 Dag siden
Our local county Farm Bureau association showed that movie at our local drive-in theater two years ago. Too many people die every year from grain entrapment accidents.
Sue Linda
Sue Linda Dag siden
I am well aware of the death risk of silo's. I can not watch this movie.
Carsten Ruis
Carsten Ruis Dag siden
I work in the Grains department of an Ethanol plant in North Iowa. And we watched this as group. Very well done movie explaining what could happen. Yall stay safe and never enter a bin unless absolutely necessary.
Andrew P.
Andrew P. Dag siden
and just like that, she was gone.
Matthew Risch
Matthew Risch Dag siden
There also was a documentary done by 60 minutes I believe on a story of a kid u was trapped in a grain silo
Peter Bowman
Peter Bowman Dag siden
Good to bring attention to a real problem
Alex L
Alex L Dag siden
Sad day on the 9560. We just bought a 9570. Hoping to avoid the common problems the 9560 has
graham Moore
graham Moore Dag siden
Yep making money everyway. Farming , You Tube and Sponsors. Its a farmers life.
Cody The Ranch Hand
Cody The Ranch Hand Dag siden
May 7 my b-day
Reagan Choat
Reagan Choat Dag siden
It was shown at our state FFA conference here at Nebraska district 9
Len Wiltenburg
Len Wiltenburg Dag siden
Mr. Farmer, having watched you move countless skids and totes with your skid steer I would like to make a suggestion about your next machinery purchase. We picked up a forklift a couple of years ago and it is one of the handiest machines in and around the shop, and not just for lifting those skids and totes . We don't know how we got anything done without one. 😀
GarlicSTDs Dag siden
Me who is 16 and I still suck at carting
timothy winters
timothy winters Dag siden
I have question . Why can’t you install camera inside at the top ?
D Hansel
D Hansel Dag siden
Hey, Zack... I just back in town this afternoon back in town. We spent several days on the cattle farm doing work there. One the way on Hwy 90a going from Rosenberg, Texas down to Eagle Lake Texas I noticed the rice fields had the rice up about 3". The corn was a different thing. The fields had waist high corn and it was dark green and thick ! On the farm we got about 7-8 inches of rain last week and it really soaked into that sandy land. I did see some of the smaller corn rows had water standing in them but not much. With the warm weather it should be a big crop of corn in a short period of time. All the land SW of Houston down to Wharton and Edna have big fields with their crops up and growing great !
David Messer
David Messer Dag siden
How can anyone be so evil to click on dislike on this video? Even if it is a bad movie, the CAUSE is important and to click dislike, you are saying that you want farmers to die. What is WRONG with people?
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage Dag siden
Good Morning from New Zealand, Great water in the engine oil Vlog, I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing, Have a great weekend
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson Dag siden
Best channel on NOpost.American Farmer Strong!
Assassinlexx Dag siden
To look at that rusty red color in the corn silage in the silo was very scary. There was a farm that had the gas get into the barn. Killed every animal even the rats were killed. Silos are not to be messed with.
joe ranum
joe ranum Dag siden
When I was younger I built grain bins, every once in awhile we had to get in them to fix something, the danger is real. To all farmers stay safe, pls.
spike001ton Dag siden
If I didn't know you were serious about gain bins accidents I would think this was a joke
69druth Dag siden
We got to see it a month back through our Ontario Federation of Agriculture. I don't know why it took so long to get him out.
Ry an
Ry an 22 timer siden
The incident where it actually took place took hours upon hours and lots of multiple departments and personnel
andy mullen
andy mullen Dag siden
it's ordered it's been a lot of years since I worked on bins
Preston Flowers
Preston Flowers Dag siden
thanks for the head up I think I might check this one out
yataro okayama
yataro okayama Dag siden
7:50 oh i didn't see that coming :0
Gage Mallak
Gage Mallak Dag siden
Daddy’s money
kdaniel59 Dag siden
I'm not sure if I could handle watching this. We no longer use grain bins on our farm. My father died on the farm just this past July inside of a grain bin. He had all of his safety gear on and it was still attached like it should be. Should have never happened but it certainly did so it just goes to show you that no matter how precautious you are accidents still happen so we all need to be very aware and very careful! The hardest part about farming is not having your dad around for advice or help. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OUT THERE GUYS and GALS! Grain bin safety is no joke!
Jakes Farm
Jakes Farm Dag siden
Saw this last fall actually, was in our theater
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Dag siden
The new name in farming Robotics
Dan Block
Dan Block Dag siden
I watched this story years ago about grain bin entrapment. It was a recreation. nopost.info/throw/qseVda6e2nuphrM/video
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin Dag siden
There happy dogs funny
Chris Heinen
Chris Heinen Dag siden
Had a family friend die in a grain bin accident a few years ago. Was a very sad day.
Tony Mckeage
Tony Mckeage Dag siden
Good Morning from New Zealand, Great coming to you soon!! Vlog, I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing, Have a great weekend
albransix Dag siden
I agree, every farmer and grain elevator should be aware of the dangers of grain bins. My dad's friend died in on in the 70s.
braydonj1 Dag siden
I am a firefighter in a small town in Manitoba, Canada and we were fortunate through our department and the canola growers association to get the early screening of this movie. It is eye opening and so informative as well as emotional as these are in all areas of our North American farming communities. We are also very fortunate as our local farmers and suppliers fundraised to get our district a grain tube along with the full course training on the proper use of the equipment coming up in mid May. Captain Johnston - Rivers/Daly Fire Department
anthony marasco
anthony marasco Dag siden
That should come with some kind safety harness inside .. there is your idea 💡 make it you just might save a human .
Jace Marks
Jace Marks Dag siden
I’m glad that didn’t happen to us because on of the people I was working with go water in the radiator of our 8295R because he was driving through water a high RPM instead of low RPM
Cameron Noethlich
Cameron Noethlich Dag siden
I have seen the movie and it is great our ag teacher sponsored it
Will Faulkner
Will Faulkner Dag siden
I got the chance to be one of the few that have already seen this movie and let me tell you need to watch it. Filmed right in my hometown in Kentucky!
Howard Stinnett
Howard Stinnett Dag siden
What part of Ky. Ky here also.
Steve Nicoson
Steve Nicoson Dag siden
Thanks Zach for the heads up on the film. I saw the training film for farmers that you sponsored. Really important. I have heard this film is intense. Thank you Zach. Iowa farm boy from years ago.
Mistral Gamer
Mistral Gamer Dag siden
Hay I watch them also
Tom Brockman
Tom Brockman Dag siden
Our grandmother almost died in a silo methane accident. She was suffocating because the gas displaced all the oxygen and they just got her out in time. Silage is wicked stuff
Jim Martin
Jim Martin Dag siden
Silos full of grain continue to look like one of the most dangerous parts of farming. Are there no safety features that can be designed into a silo? I have a safety net idea that would probably work for grains but manure would be a different deal.