7 Inches Short
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Upgrades to the Strip Tiller
Is This A Dream?!
Måned siden
Snow Removal
Måned siden
Grain Bin Rescue
Måned siden
Final Case QuadTrac Review
The Hypocrisy!!
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Adding to The Line Up?!?!
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The Farm Must Go On!
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Buffalo Ranch
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Gobble Gobble
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Clean up!
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Worst Day EVER!
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She's Dead!
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Tensions are Running High
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Guess Who Has Covid?!
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Men Vacuum The Same Way They...
Youtube Retirement
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We Gotta Keep Our Composure!
That's Ruined!
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This is Frustrating
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Tillage in the Snow!
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Something Kinda Neat!
3 måneder siden
Beautiful Harvest Weather
4 måneder siden
dezertol 19 timer siden
Not going to lie I was on the other side of this argument till I saw this video (4 years later) and did some of my own research. I found that as of yet, there is no (creditable) evidence of health risks. On one of your more recent ones you said that some weeds are roundup-resistant, makes me wonder if.. the weeds are becoming resistant on their own, then the genetic modification has already taken place naturally in some plants. The view point about feeding the hungry and that with out the GMO you'd need to farm more fields etc.. is a good point I didn't consider. Thanks for this view point, it really gives me something to think about. PS. There is a Farm Simulator 19 Mod that is your grain storage -> www.farming-simulator.com/mods.php?title=fs2019&searchMod=millennial
twcstransam 19 timer siden
Wow those craftsman toolboxes sound flimsy compared to your gear wrench one
Yitzi Aidelson
Yitzi Aidelson 19 timer siden
its probably for a trash bag
Jonathan Bisson
Jonathan Bisson 20 timer siden
love those Soucy tracks, made right here in Drummondville Quebec
Rob Gough
Rob Gough 21 time siden
Love it zack
xcesmess 21 time siden
SponsorBlock would literally block half of this video.
Chiefkyle 22 timer siden
I live in northern KY, in the city. I didn't know these machines even existed until I started playing Farming Sim 19 and found you page. Thank you for bringing this amazing world to me via NOpost.
Mr. Hoonnigan
Mr. Hoonnigan Dag siden
I gotta ask. Why do you answer your phone with your left hand then hold it on your right ear? Do you have a problem with your ear or do you just like complicating things lol? Just curious good sir
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer Dag siden
Usually because my right hand is busy and my knife is in the way for easy pocket access on the right!
Richard Akins
Richard Akins Dag siden
Is that "What she said"?
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith Dag siden
Not sure how you deal with the winters up there. I'm in Maryland and we just had three weeks of cold, snowy wet crap weather. We've now broken through and have at least ten days of nice weather. March is always a wild card, but at least we don't wait until May.
Will Vento
Will Vento Dag siden
2:33 me afterschool on Friday
Josh Plays
Josh Plays Dag siden
in the thumb nail I though I saw A flat tire. But I didint
Dale Walker
Dale Walker Dag siden
THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID. Wouldn't have that problem with red
Carp lake farms Levering michigan
Carp lake farms Levering michigan Dag siden
I have the same heater Zack they are junk what kind of heater doesn't work when it's too cold mine does the same thing when it's too cold the fuel gels up it's very frustrating
Ronald Luckie
Ronald Luckie Dag siden
That's what they say in Florida too...
Jamie Parfitt
Jamie Parfitt Dag siden
I know where your heat gun is...................ONYX has it. Being a parent to a son and daughter, the son will have always put it somewhere. Sorry kids.
Jacob Black
Jacob Black Dag siden
You should check out the Farming in the 208 NOpost channel and invite him on your podcast to give us a comparison of Idaho potato farming and Midwest corn farming
sledstorm1 Dag siden
Someone needed a tax deduction. lol
Palmer Lowder
Palmer Lowder Dag siden
It’s funny bc he cuts the video and says “that’s what she said”
The motorsports project
The motorsports project Dag siden
I say skip the leveling kit! They sit high in the back so when you tow they sit level. If you level it then they tow nose high.
SwedishGunMate Dag siden
Good luck my swedish brother!
Pig Pen 2
Pig Pen 2 Dag siden
if somebody who has any connections to John Deere who is watching this video can we just change the placement so this guy doesn't have to take off hundreds of pounds worth of steel to change a bolt this is ridiculous Farmers have a hard enough job and profession let's make it easy on them and time is something they don't have a lot of!
Prjndigo Dag siden
Filament incandescent bulb in a trouble light with a plastic bucket slot on side put down over the top of the regulator will solve all your woes.
Gaudy Dag siden
I know this is kind of a long shot but do you think you can start selling bottles of soybeans kind of how welker farms does
WoolyBuck Dag siden
I can see what is causing the 3pt to lock up in the raised position. The sway blocks are set to wide for the 3pt arms. The arms are wedging tight against the sway blocks when in ;the raised position. You need to change the blocks to the narrow position which will free up your 3pt. I just realized that this video is 3mo old so you probably figured this out by now. Cheers...
Nick Bradley
Nick Bradley Dag siden
5 inches short is better.
Blossom Quisno
Blossom Quisno Dag siden
Very good video
Sondre Øverland
Sondre Øverland Dag siden
Milleniam farmer. How do you get over a breakup. It seems so hard and now im to blind to see my own good. What do i do?
Trellen Russey
Trellen Russey Dag siden
Hang in there we all have days full of frustration!!
Someone Dag siden
Just like me 😓
Mitch Wedding
Mitch Wedding Dag siden
Leveled my bosses 1 ton with a suspension max kit. They look real good and can fit 37s no issues. Recommend that or cognito!
Dave Kimbler
Dave Kimbler Dag siden
By the way what and who had the correct answer to the photograph you posted ?
Tennile Lindskov
Tennile Lindskov Dag siden
my you channill is lindskov ranch
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson Dag siden
She buried