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James Monahan
James Monahan 13 timer siden
12:11 extension swivel. Did you have an argument and make a grudge purchase?
Logan Willer
Logan Willer 13 timer siden
I noticed the Welker Farms sticker. But the tractor s the wrong colour
Robert JD
Robert JD 13 timer siden
How come Jim has more muscles than Zac.
eagletown 13 timer siden
Nice to see jim again
Paul Parsons
Paul Parsons 13 timer siden
Man that focus is crazy. Takes an age to focus on your beautiful face, Zach. 'Wink wink'.
Jason Schau
Jason Schau 14 timer siden
Thank you for getting in "that's what she said ", lol.
Matthew Meyers
Matthew Meyers 14 timer siden
"You remember where those plugs go Jim?" "Sure." Lol
BroHay 14 timer siden
If converting to hydraulic, do they not come setup like this from the start?
Stormy Jack
Stormy Jack 15 timer siden
From 11 years old my brother taught me to operator most of the machinery on our remote cattle station, meanwhile my father was "no son your too young and there's insurance issues"..meanwhile by the time I reached 15 years I had learnt to operator D9 dozer, (small )grader, Road train semi and trailer, tractors, repaired and maintained the old BDC southern cross pump jacks, there were about 15 pump jacks to check each week, (if one broke down,.. could've lost at least a thousand head of cattle in one paddock alone.......big thanks to my big thanks my father..
Tyler Hanna
Tyler Hanna 15 timer siden
Love the videos. Like Jim as well he's a great guy! Will he get stuck again in spring? 😂😂
ABHIJEET BORSE 15 timer siden
How many acres land you have??
Hunter Murphy
Hunter Murphy 15 timer siden
11:26 he thought he was going to hammer
Dan Wortmann
Dan Wortmann 16 timer siden
Hats off to Jim always good help!!!!
Aldi K
Aldi K 17 timer siden
Lol completely American but in reality 100% made in China!
rwdrallying 17 timer siden
That compressor would have been easier to lift if you had let all the air out first
Mark Maehler
Mark Maehler 17 timer siden
grounding straps from wrist to clip to frame, or am I still in the 80's, lead tech fried 300 z dash with a static jump
Mark Maehler
Mark Maehler 17 timer siden
nice prop work Jim, he set that one a little close, it's tough being the straight man
Edward Towle
Edward Towle 17 timer siden
Why dont you put pallett stacking frames.put everything to heavy for man on a pallett stack maybe 4-5 high.
Mark Maehler
Mark Maehler 17 timer siden
we wouldn't want that to get stuck on after that interview would we, great work Zach, just because you make dust doesn't mean you want to be left in it
Mark Simonar
Mark Simonar 18 timer siden
I do the same thing every new hoodie i get. Strings get cut off right away. Safety first.
Greg L
Greg L 18 timer siden
Great vid Zach and Becky many thanks :) Question Zach, What will happen to all those components that came off? will they be reconditioned and sold or given away or just dumped? Looking at all that stuff coming off and what is going on.... to be honest all I can see is dollar signs ticking over in my head and .... rather fast ticking over too i might add.... I assume the software will also need updated within the tractor for that too Zach? Keep safe everyone :)
Machel Bailey
Machel Bailey 18 timer siden
new admin wants to take your farm.....fuck biden
josh wagner
josh wagner 18 timer siden
We have a g850 that we got repainted. You’d love it!
Eliasson 19 timer siden
3:24 For a minute I thought Chet Larson was there
Zachary Welz
Zachary Welz 19 timer siden
Why did you take apart the Planter/seeder.
Scott Kaercher
Scott Kaercher 20 timer siden
It's not like he didn't have all winter to get the planter ready for planting season.
viltsufighter 07
viltsufighter 07 20 timer siden
You should try to make a video with mike mitchell from the faith hope farms. They are from saskatchewan tho. But still.
Ariel Cunanan B.
Ariel Cunanan B. 20 timer siden
nice job boy
Black Toof
Black Toof 20 timer siden
Can we get a jim interview? Ask twitter or something for questions. It'd be interesting to hear some farm stuff from his side. He's an amazing guy. Doesn't complain no matter how silly a job can be. Atleast he doesn't on camera 😂. If he doesn't mind.
Taco 47
Taco 47 20 timer siden
After watching several of your videos I know why I was never a farmer, not it’s a lot of hard work but you have to be smart too. We ate well today, so thanks to all you farmers.
TTGeek 20 timer siden
Curius about how farmers are viewing electrification. Have you looked into electrified farm equipment? I am guessing it would provide lower running costs/repairs and maybe more power for a higher initial cost.
Schnell Guitars
Schnell Guitars 20 timer siden
I can't believe they convinced the Secretary of Ag to go on Off the Husk!?!
Larry Freeman
Larry Freeman 21 time siden
two of my favourite people, Jim and Anna. BTW, seems simpler to just get a brand new planter. Just one connection to make.... at the hitch.
William Morigeau
William Morigeau 21 time siden
Hopefully your Pete doesn't have a Paccar!
Kenneth Freeman
Kenneth Freeman 21 time siden
What happens to all the old parts?
Edward Mandel
Edward Mandel 21 time siden
Are you a libtard?
oldhp mopar
oldhp mopar 21 time siden
I don't know all the particulars, but wouldn't it been easier to sell that planter and buy a new OR good used one???? GREAT videos!!!!!!
Tom Kaderka
Tom Kaderka 21 time siden
Sorry zach. The slow Biden administration is going to hurt you.
Kieran Budke
Kieran Budke 21 time siden
back when MN was nice and sunny and actually warm-ish
Paul Hatton
Paul Hatton 21 time siden
So I’m driving down the the highway today and see a green combine head on a flatbed truck, and i start talking to myself about what type it is. Soybean or corn, wait, definitely not corm, because.... wait, what is wrong with me,i have like no freaking idea...
Zach Wiz
Zach Wiz 21 time siden
10:20 Jim is a funny guy, as soon as the domino effect came, I got a tweet that said the dominoes have fallen!😂
Spartago 21 time siden
Should watch the documentary the biggest little farm, see if there are any idea they may have that you are able and willing to do
Msota 2
Msota 2 21 time siden
Team work makes the dream work eh.
Dylan Evjen
Dylan Evjen 21 time siden
If you wait 'till last minute, it only takes a minute...
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch 21 time siden
Jim just called you “Chico”. 😂😂😂😂
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch 22 timer siden
I see this current administration trying to get rid of chemicals used in agricultural practices.
Bernie Gallizio
Bernie Gallizio 22 timer siden
Your service break knob needs to be labeled
Drake Decker
Drake Decker 22 timer siden
I cant what to have a farm Future farm im 13. And wishing to have a corn farmer
Stan C
Stan C 22 timer siden
Are those Steel Toe Tennis Shoes your wearing?
Farmall TV.
Farmall TV. 22 timer siden
Its crazzy how technology has changed over the years, that planter stock is a space ship compared to my grandpas 7000 4 row
redtailhardwoods 22 timer siden
Drain that 50lbs of air and it will be lighter.
redtailhardwoods 22 timer siden
Damn Jim you go home for lunch and burn a blunt?
Zach Peterson
Zach Peterson 22 timer siden
I'm a trump supporter and if you dint like that then your a non American and you should not have a say in politics zach any say in this??
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 22 timer siden
Should've used some lithium grease on the bolts.
Brad ogle
Brad ogle 22 timer siden
Great show . Is it strange that I watch ? I’m not a farmer. I’m addicted to watching . Tulsa, OK.✌️😎🇺🇸🇺🇸
jeremy lee
jeremy lee 22 timer siden
Check your email
Harvey Lilley
Harvey Lilley 22 timer siden
Me my dad and my brothers love watching you. my mum gets angry when we go on to youtube and start watching XD. I enjoy seeing your big and cool gear and stuff
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 22 timer siden
You might want to turn off your radios in your equipment.
Pat Rando
Pat Rando 22 timer siden
How many rows does that planter do?!
Peanuts Adventures
Peanuts Adventures 22 timer siden
I love your truck and tractor 🚜
Andy Watters
Andy Watters 23 timer siden
What's the cost difference between changing everything over and buying a new planter
jhanner80 23 timer siden
Do they make a, "better brain" upgrade for a 1980 model Hanner?
b stone
b stone 23 timer siden
Now I know this show is fake. 10MM sockets are a myth and can NEVER be found in the toolbox!
STONEDay 23 timer siden
Minus 20 so about minus 6.66°C for all of us in the rest of the world eh.
Richard Edwards
Richard Edwards 23 timer siden
Sounds like an experiment? I saw Cole the Cornstar is doing the same? Maybe I'm mistaken?
Strope farms llc
Strope farms llc 23 timer siden
Can’t remember what movie it was back in the 90s it was a kid and all the motorcycles fell over in front of a biker bar because somebody touched them Might have been peewee Herman anyways that’s with them row units Remind me of LOL keep up the good work Zack
damit_dan35 23 timer siden
I was really enjoying this video until you didnt pull the string out of your hood when you cut the ends off
LANDON DETERS 23 timer siden
I love your vids when I get home from school I watch your vids for 2 hours you teach me so much thanks u
Will Walderbach
Will Walderbach 23 timer siden
I never would have guessed how modular everything is on farm equipment!
Marykay Wohlert
Marykay Wohlert 23 timer siden
Busy guys have a safe planting season
Jim Clary
Jim Clary 23 timer siden
There goes all your heat. Just opened the door!!
John Kretschmer
John Kretschmer 23 timer siden
I thought that I did a good job when I adjusted my 2 row JD corn planter population without the manual!
Cooper O'Brien
Cooper O'Brien 23 timer siden
15:28 Thats 3 NOpost farmers that play basketball in the shop lol
Matthew Sonner
Matthew Sonner 23 timer siden
Note to self: don’t let Jim near a line of motorcycles.
M. Fletcher
M. Fletcher 23 timer siden
How much lighter with the planter be with the switch to electric? With hydraulics/air vs electric does it also save on fuel?
Jeff S
Jeff S 23 timer siden
Where's dad?
Eric Skinner
Eric Skinner 23 timer siden
Been doing covers and no till for years in NC.. works good saves fuel.. soils more mellow. .. northern farming brings more challenges I feel with this practice .. good luck
jeff drier
jeff drier 23 timer siden
Oh fer cripes sakes Jim! 😂
jared Van Der Veen
jared Van Der Veen 23 timer siden
Not going to wreck anything
jared Van Der Veen
jared Van Der Veen 23 timer siden
I was right