Upgrades to the Strip Tiller

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Millennial Farmer

9 dager siden

Thanks to Red E Ag for helping us make some upgrades to the John Deere 2510S strip till machine with a 1910 air cart. Stainless steel was added, we installed some new wireless blockage and flow sensors, we found and replaced a rotted out gasket, and I got a new hat!
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Becky Johnson

Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 8 dager siden
Thanks to Red E for everything! Check out their NOpost channel and website in the description!
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin 5 dager siden
I like that hard hat
Larry Sutton
Larry Sutton 6 dager siden
@Jarrett Fullerton you are probably correct which is unfortunate for me as I have no use for their services but I would gladly support them as I am getting a job where that hat could be of great value to me
Jarrett Fullerton
Jarrett Fullerton 6 dager siden
@Larry Sutton Larry.. I'm thinking you have to spend whatever this upgrade cost Zach.. I'm going to guess 25k or more?
Jr Klock
Jr Klock 6 dager siden
@Millennial Farmer camera stability is 1000% better...let not accidentally push that button again...
RC6 YouTube
RC6 YouTube 6 dager siden
Anything can be a hammer unless it’s a screw driver Then it’s a chisel to
james mcintosh
james mcintosh Dag siden
hey @millennial farmer I don't know how nor why but your notifications always show up 6-7 days late
Michael Neuman
Michael Neuman 2 dager siden
Dang nice upgrade!!
Mike Mosley
Mike Mosley 2 dager siden
Great video. I thought I seen your check book float through the air lol . Because I know it is lighter lol
Ottawa Interior Renovations
Ottawa Interior Renovations 2 dager siden
Anything dealing with fertilizer should not b near steal. I can’t believe they still build that stuff
Elliot Smith
Elliot Smith 2 dager siden
Thank you man for your good video
Mike Clifton
Mike Clifton 3 dager siden
Excellent video there Emeffer, it all kind of makes sense.
KonraDominiK 3 dager siden
Greetings from farmer from Poland!
SilmSlice 3 dager siden
Cor Graveland
Cor Graveland 3 dager siden
Awesome Zach! Really great to see all tech details and major improvements on the drill. Fun to have these educated Red E Ag engineers around. Machine will work well again when seeding season restarts 👍👌🍀🌱🚜
Scottie Smith
Scottie Smith 3 dager siden
I think he is going to have to put one of those hats on his camera 😂😂
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 4 dager siden
Hey show me the bill for today, i wont show it to anyone else!!!!!!!!!
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 4 dager siden
I need one of those Red, E caps
Mike Bonge
Mike Bonge 4 dager siden
money well spent,,, bring in the professional to install in one day...correctly,, very nice system nice upgrade
Rob Ketchens
Rob Ketchens 4 dager siden
Seriously, you haven't heard of "no till"? Less work, less equipment expense = more productivity, cheaper! Or don't you believe in tried and true process experiences, and ag science? Not to mention longer and better soil life!
Jerry Dowell
Jerry Dowell 5 dager siden
Riley Emmel
Riley Emmel 5 dager siden
Sound is a little off in the shop
Maine Man
Maine Man 5 dager siden
@ 10:19 Soooooo wrinkly.
Feral Crafter
Feral Crafter 5 dager siden
Holly Carp! Who's the anime asian?!
Todd Rusch
Todd Rusch 5 dager siden
Where did they get the baseball hard hat made? I wear a hardhat for work every day and I’d love to have something like that with my company logo on it
sujon khan
sujon khan 5 dager siden
The natural confirmation wessely juggle because jumbo bodily flap into a toothsome timer. living, jagged owl
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 5 dager siden
Outro music was badass!!! Great choice!
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen 5 dager siden
Great video Zach
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin 5 dager siden
With all the electronics are you using Lithium batteries? There's definitely a lot of draw there when your not running the engine.
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin 5 dager siden
I like the selinoid checker.
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin 5 dager siden
Wow what massive technology here simply amazing or Simply Safe
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin 5 dager siden
Opteadly interpatated I had to override spell check. New Word to be added to the dictionary
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin 5 dager siden
Nice to have the right tools Dewalt the best and mostly made in USA.
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin 5 dager siden
Your sound is in and out a bit changes pitch. Why don't you have an external mic? Old Navy Photog I have 3 Sony Cameras but I mainly shoot stills so I'm not a video expert but I do have external mic with the fuzz works very well.
Terry Larkin
Terry Larkin 5 dager siden
Is it a Sony with IBIS
James H
James H 5 dager siden
How convenient he brought stainless everything...
Andy Bak
Andy Bak 5 dager siden
Absolutly loved this episode thank you
Woody W
Woody W 5 dager siden
Those guys are hard workers and great sense of humor. They did an outstanding job at the Welker's and now at MF.
Thomas Schachtel
Thomas Schachtel 5 dager siden
I knew you wouldn't be able to say no to that fancy new stainless steel piece!!! So convenient they brought it with them. That's a good salesman. Haha
Ian Farquharson
Ian Farquharson 6 dager siden
Nice upgrades on the seeder.I thought those bump caps were a stupid idea,until I started wearing them. Then I realised how much better than a hard hat it was. Especially as I installed ceilings so nothing should be falling on my head. Well nothing that a hard hat or bump cap would save me from😂😅😆😋ThankQ.TkEZ>UK
John Brownell
John Brownell 6 dager siden
Good luck with this update. You need to have an I.T. Tech riding in your buddy seat
Arguijo11 6 dager siden
can you purchase implement with these upgrades?
Nathan Baker
Nathan Baker 6 dager siden
hi love the vids when will the farming simulator for ps4 be out
Michael Page
Michael Page 6 dager siden
That was a full day of work!
Chase Brunn
Chase Brunn 6 dager siden
super dumb question. You gonna run this rig in the spring? Or is this mostly a, "fall after harvest" type thing?
Danny Broughton
Danny Broughton 6 dager siden
How many adverts can you squeeze into a 25 min video
Matthias Moser
Matthias Moser 6 dager siden
Sound with that camera can get weird. It cuts off the echo in your shed and the next thing you hear is you breathing. Sounds like are run out of air after every sentence. Was worried for a moment.
mucks 6 dager siden
I'm no good with all this tech ... I'll go get my shovel. 😊
Pete Page
Pete Page 6 dager siden
BOY! Those RED E guys suuure do get around! Welkers to the Johnsons in a snap of a finger... lol
blair breland
blair breland 6 dager siden
Farmlegend 2431
Farmlegend 2431 6 dager siden
Pimp my Fert tank
Andy H
Andy H 6 dager siden
Really cool
Randall olson
Randall olson 6 dager siden
love the techie stuff!!!
Todd Behrends
Todd Behrends 6 dager siden
I am anxious to see how this all works. Please do a video on that! What am I talking about? I know that you will shoot us a video, duh.
Lucky4wd4840 6 dager siden
Where is the WD-40 for removing the meter?
Bob Jennings
Bob Jennings 6 dager siden
Why don't you remake the entire machine from stainless steel? It would be less work.
Mark Benson
Mark Benson 6 dager siden
This kinda techie engineering stuff fascinates me as much as the farming itself. The levels of technology and innovation that go into these kinds of machines now is mind blowing. Those guys really know their stuff and look like they do great products, they even bought you some you didn’t ask for... ;)
Roger Kleese
Roger Kleese 6 dager siden
Zach, big fan of the channel! I've tried to find a past video of yours where you went through some "farm financials" but have had no success in finding the video. Im wondering if you could shed some light in a future video on the large federal "grants" and payouts cash grain and livestock producers are given on an annual basis, especially this last round of paycheck protection oriented farm subsidies that i'm sure resulted in a massive payout for a farm your size. As a both a "tax payer" and farmer I would be very interested in hearing your point of view on the tax burden non farmers bear that result in these large scale payouts for producers. Keep the videos coming! - Roger
Kiddo Farms
Kiddo Farms 6 dager siden
Hey Zach is their a possibility you could update the equipment tour before ya get busy this spring?
Farmlegend 2431
Farmlegend 2431 6 dager siden
I love new farm tech and once it’s calibrated it runs like a dream
Farmlegend 2431
Farmlegend 2431 6 dager siden
ckg009 6 dager siden
You sure know your way around a Stripper.....nuq nuq nuq nuq....
mike clifton
mike clifton 7 dager siden
Wow great video nice upgrade bet that wasnt cheap
Volodymyr Fedashko
Volodymyr Fedashko 7 dager siden
How u research ur K and P level in soil? U have mobile laboratory like N-tester or this function u get from John Deere?
Missouri jiggin
Missouri jiggin 7 dager siden
I can’t stand the new audio he is on my nerves
Sports Highlights
Sports Highlights 7 dager siden
Millennial I saw you at ihop in Fargo North Dakota on Friday Last week
Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman 7 dager siden
How nice would it be to just unhitch the mule and hook him up to the chisel plow and go to work, no monitors no hydraulics no auto feeders and no cameras it's amazing that the farmers in 1833 were able to stay alive...everything now in days is so complicated...
Jean Louis Binchet
Jean Louis Binchet 7 dager siden
Waouh, très complexe les mises à niveaux sur l'ensemble de cet outil👍
Josh Bertola
Josh Bertola 7 dager siden
Hang on where did check ins with Randy go?
Michael Russell
Michael Russell 7 dager siden
And if the 1st hammer is not getting the job done.........get a bigger hammer. ;)
Chris Gossman
Chris Gossman 7 dager siden
Did he say "Optically interpolated"?
Josh Matthews
Josh Matthews 7 dager siden
Is the hat they gave you a standard richardson 112 that they put the safety stuff in, or is it a richardson production hat?
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 7 dager siden
Pretty sure it's just a 112 with an insert
Bernie Johnson
Bernie Johnson 7 dager siden
Very cool video well done. Stainless is a must with those chemicals that will corroded regular steel. With the RedE upgrade, I’m looking forward to spring to see this in action. Thanks Zach 👍
Verlyn Nygaard
Verlyn Nygaard 7 dager siden
rnedisc 7 dager siden
Ya'll should do an A-team style bulding montage with one of these big projects once. Amazing video!
Nate Beachey
Nate Beachey 7 dager siden
You used a lot of words to say "if a hammer doesn't fix it, it's an electrical problem"
Tommi L
Tommi L 7 dager siden
First I avoided this video for a bit but it turned out to be one of the most interesting videos on the channel. Good job.
Nikka Fish
Nikka Fish 7 dager siden
I get your a John Deere guy I have a couple Deere’s I love but I also have case and Fendt tractors that I love so no John Deere is not any better and fertilizer will eat through any color paint like it is nothing!
Alex Mikhael
Alex Mikhael 7 dager siden
2:00 ''passive aggressive'' ain't that like 93.6% of all them milliniumFalcon'alz types ??? wait.... ;) lol I am an AARP MEMBER so I ain't in that group lol oh no go figgure i hit sumone ELESES trigger life iz fun till itz done let us be happy, EVERYONE !!!! choice is yours... you can choose to be happy, or sad, or mad, or glad.... IT IS UP TO YOU!!! such is the infinite gift of FREE WILL !!! you are the captian of your own boat!!! you are the artest of your own painting keep your brushs clean keep your sights keeen soon soon the fields will be GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ELEVATE not escalate!!!! only thing that should be banned IS THE HATE!!!!!! (ALX_MKL)
RJ P 7 dager siden
I'm surprised you didn't just snap your fingers to get that job done.
PUT EM DOWN Productions
PUT EM DOWN Productions 7 dager siden
Now arent all those stainless parts going to cause galvanic corrosion and rust out the carbon steel even faster?
Harvey Bauer
Harvey Bauer 7 dager siden
Zach, your complete finished unit ready to go to the field - purchased new from dealership, under or over $800,000?
mcd5082 7 dager siden
Hahahahaha love the videos
Jon Gordy
Jon Gordy 7 dager siden
I wanna rede hat.
javasoccernut 7 dager siden
Oh. Its a thing.
Seamus Daley
Seamus Daley 7 dager siden
Hello Johnson Family, Great video of getting the equipment squared away for the coming "landing" in the fields of MN. It all reminds me of the work done at the the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in Pasadena, CA. (I don't know if the Rose Parade floats influenced the building of the Mars rovers or if farm equipment influenced the building of the floats. It all seems somehow intertwined.) Here are some cool links to the arrival of the Mars Perseverance Rover & Ingenuity Helicopter (drone) on February 2021. Mars is not as close or as bright as it was this past autumn but it is still visible in the clear night sky. Be sure to check it out in the evening before it sets around 11:00 PM. Onyx will make a great technician at the JPL using all his first hand experience with the family's equipment, buggies, powered sleds, drones, cameras, and computer editing. Add to that his experience driving and handling the equipment with a good solid education in the sciences and that young man will be a true space cadet going where no man has gone before! nopost.info/throw/uc3EfG3a1mxiqJI/video Feb. 18: Our Perseverance Rover & Ingenuity Helicopter Arrive at Mars nopost.info/throw/sprVl4K3mX18pMk/video 7 Minutes to Mars: NASA's Perseverance Rover Attempts Most Dangerous Landing Yet nopost.info/throw/yJ-zeZ65026Edq8/video See Perseverance's Mars entry, sky crane and landing in stunning 4K animation nopost.info/throw/npvJgIKX2Wt2l9k/video Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover - What's Different This Time? ==== Star Gazing and Planet Spotting ===== skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-news/this-weeks-sky-at-a-glance-february-12-20-2/ Taken From: Sky & Telescope THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18 (Perseverance Rover lands on Mars) Mars shines over the Moon when the stars come out this evening, as shown below. Later in the evening the scene rotates clockwise with respect to your horizon, putting Mars to the Moon's upper right. They appear only about 4° apart during evening for North America. In physical distance, though, Mars is 515 times farther away: 11 light-minutes compared to the Moon's 1.3 light-seconds. And, Mars is twice as large in diameter as the Moon. skyandtelescope.org/wp-content/uploads/WEBvic21_Feb19ev.jpg The Moon, waxing through first quarter, passes similar-red looking Mars and Aldebaran high in the evening sky. Aldebaran is the "Red Eye" of the constellation Taurus, the Bull. (The Pleiades are called Subaru in Japan and is the logo on the badge of the car maker Subaru!) Mars (magnitude +0.7, in eastern Aries) continues to fade. It shines pale yellow-orange high in the west-southwest right after dark, under the Pleiades. Left of the Pleiades shines Aldebaran, essentially the twin of Mars now in brightness as well as color. In a telescope Mars is only 7 arcseconds wide, but at least your scope should show its gibbous shape. At Mars itself it's a busy time for arriving spacecraft. The United Emirates' Hope craft and China's Tianwen-1 braked into Mars orbit just a few days ago. NASA's Perseverance rover should land on February 18th. Why are the missions bunched together? Because the minimum-energy transfer orbit to get from Earth to Mars becomes available only when the two planets arrange themselves a particular way with respect to each other every 2.14 years. Dedicated observers will recognize this as Mars's synodic period - the same as its average time from one opposition to the next. Other sights: By 9 p.m. or so, the Big Dipper stands on its handle in the northeast. In the northwest, Cassiopeia also stands on end (its brighter end) at about the same height. Between them is Polaris (the North Star). Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are very deep in the glow of sunrise. Venus this week sinks below any chance of spotting, but the other three are getting a little higher day by day. Mercury is still way too faint, but you might have a chance at Saturn and lower but brighter Jupiter. You'll need binoculars or preferably a wide-field telescope and a view down to the east-southeast horizon. The diagram below sets the scene on the 14th; it's for 20 minutes before sunrise at 40° north latitude. The farther south you are from there the better. Good luck! skyandtelescope.org/wp-content/uploads/WEBvic21_Feb14mo.jpg Four of the five naked-eye planets are grouped low shortly before sunrise, where they may defy observation. Orion stands his highest in the south by about 8 p.m., looking smaller than you probably remember him appearing early in the winter when he was low. You're seeing the "Moon illusion" effect. Constellations, not just the Moon, seem to look bigger when they're low. Sirius the Dog Star blazes high in the southeast after dinnertime, the brightest star of Canis Major. Spot it lower left of Orion. In a dark sky with lots of stars visible, the stars of Canis Major can be connected to form a convincing dog profile. He's currently prancing on his hind legs; he wears Sirius on his chest. Anna and Didge will appreciate the recognition of canines in the stars. Star Dogs!
Bowhunters 7 dager siden
So was that wheel sensor (sending 50 rpm when sitting still) part of the problem last fall when you got funky readings from one side over the other, as well as that bad delivery chute that was rusted and trapping fertilizer?
Jacob Weber
Jacob Weber 7 dager siden
How can I get one of those hats
Alex Parrish
Alex Parrish 7 dager siden
Call me old school, but that looks like a lot of expensive equipment to break
Michael Stark
Michael Stark 7 dager siden
You sure you got enough tractor to pull all that, especially if you have a wet spring? Better keep that in a shed vs outside storage, lots of electronics, just saying.
Kent Hammack
Kent Hammack 7 dager siden
Everything is a hammer, except a screwdriver...which is a chisel!
Gary Janssen
Gary Janssen 7 dager siden
i Love when u buy new stuff, Then a day later its old and no bloody good, Really!! Or are you saying that "John dreary" stuffed up again and couldnt find the Green or Red paint, Cos i think you should turn the heater down inside the workshop.
Foxtrot Delta
Foxtrot Delta 7 dager siden
OMG, paint that rusted metal before installing new seals/parts!
Brooks Durensky
Brooks Durensky 7 dager siden
David Garner
David Garner 7 dager siden
wow farming sure has changed , what a system
Rebecca Horton
Rebecca Horton 7 dager siden
"Its petrified potash" perfect response to "honey, whats in your pants pocket and now in my washer???" 😀😀😀
Fred Rhinehart
Fred Rhinehart 7 dager siden
Great vid very informative keep them coming (Keep Them Between The Rows) thanks
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 7 dager siden
Can hear you breathing and it's really awkward. Sounds like your gasping for air.
Fonk_Sr 7 dager siden
Those boys know what they’re doing.
Farmnorway 7 dager siden
I never trust someone with gloves
harold Benton
harold Benton 7 dager siden
On your Pete's fuel system issues. Are you running any kind of Biodiesel blend for your fuel. If so the black stuff your seeing could be a common problem with biodiesel blends. It is a kind of algae that can survive and grows heavily in the biodiesel. Plus that crap removes any and all crud in the tanks that was in there from the previous fuel. That black crud could be the results of bad PM practices from the last owner. Most fleet owners do not really take good care of their trucks.
Joey Pargac
Joey Pargac 7 dager siden
can you do a video of how you test the fields to show how much pot ash/fertilizer you need to apply.
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 7 dager siden
Most folks hire fertilizer supplier. They take, analyze as many samples as you are willing to pay for. Every sample GPS located. The results tell you what that area is “deficient “ in. With his rig he can increase, decrease as needed. I do a sample every 40 acres on mostly uniform fields. (Because to change rate I would have to get out, use wrench, to adjust rate every round). His is much better.
Reaper_Hero 7 dager siden
Hey Millennial Farmer! Whats is the watch called that you are wearing called? Btw love your content, keep up the good work!
S N 7 dager siden
The Red E guys told me I'd blown a seal. I said, "No need to get personal!!"
Ryan Linden
Ryan Linden 7 dager siden
SWEET, I love straight pipes. Now the cart will be much more awesome. lol The cart now has been fully Millennialized.
Niall Irish
Niall Irish 7 dager siden
The camera is good but that audio isn’t great in my opinion. There is a lot of echo in the sound an it is actually quite annoying. Love your videos anyway but please look into it. Keep up the good work👍👍🇮🇪
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