We're Going to Finish Harvest One Way or Another!

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Millennial Farmer

3 måneder siden

We're Going to Finish Harvest One Way or Another! How and when is dependent of mother nature.

Reefer Madness
Reefer Madness 2 dager siden
Keep it under a 100! WHAT?! ER Keep it under 200!
Timo Becker
Timo Becker 17 dager siden
Brooklyn Derks
Brooklyn Derks 22 dager siden
i like john deer and ford and new holand and alas chalmers
Brooklyn Derks
Brooklyn Derks 22 dager siden
i live your videos i live on a farm and my name is brooklyn
chandler wolfe
chandler wolfe Måned siden
Hey don't forget new tires or not razor okay
chandler wolfe
chandler wolfe Måned siden
I got you a question how why did the chicken cross the road because it had a poop in your field with
Colton Hutchison
Colton Hutchison 2 måneder siden
How many acres y’all got we farm 180 acres of soybeans and corn we don’t got that nice of equipment though we got 2 John deer harvesters but there worth about 180 k each and 3 tractors so how many acres
Ayden Loper
Ayden Loper 2 måneder siden
hi no way
Bill 3 måneder siden
Your Quicktach is in Cat 3N. Switch it to Cat 3 and you should have no problem assuming your snowblower can do cat 3. Our dealer delivered one to us like this once and it took us a second to figure out.
Helen Revels
Helen Revels 3 måneder siden
WHAT IS WITH THE “that’s what she said”??? But it’s funny low ke
Adam Dyck
Adam Dyck 3 måneder siden
trump 2020 and hope ur doin well
John Hopkins
John Hopkins 3 måneder siden
Oh no, I'm catching up to the recent videos.....I just started watching from the very start. I guess it's time to do the same with the Welkers
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 3 måneder siden
Damn boy that snow thick boy
Tanner Phillips
Tanner Phillips 3 måneder siden
Just a little bit of WD40 will do ‘er
zak shurtliff
zak shurtliff 3 måneder siden
The sound of that new pipe got my heart racing. Had to go to the shop and start my sled up.
Joe Beach
Joe Beach 3 måneder siden
Didn't you buy a snazzy little box plow for the other end of that tractor? Plus, I never understood why some folks put the blower on the back of the tractors. Must be a Minnesota thing. In NY we put them on the front.
1st Gen Cummins Garage
1st Gen Cummins Garage 3 måneder siden
Have you tried Greasing the two grease points behind the SCV’s for those arms
iBelieve 3 måneder siden
JDdriver95 3 måneder siden
Ahh i know that problem on our 6175R as well, we do have one implement that did the same to our 3 point hitch...so now we put that thing to our 6115M.
treetree 123
treetree 123 3 måneder siden
What is that red thing at 3.03
Cody Sheppard
Cody Sheppard 3 måneder siden
This guy with the that’s what she said jokes😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Brian Street
Brian Street 3 måneder siden
Hope yal vote for President Trump up there or you can sell your tractors and farm!
Grant DuBridge
Grant DuBridge 3 måneder siden
That new pipe is so pretty you should keep the side cover off.
John Thompson
John Thompson 3 måneder siden
Zack, hate to dump on you but I saw a piece on combining pumpkin seeds. The meat of the pumpkin is just discarded out of a chute. Can't that be used for feed or processed as a homeless food source?
Camera king 124
Camera king 124 3 måneder siden
Your sheds are in farming simulator 19
J. McNutt
J. McNutt 3 måneder siden
6:14 "That's what she said." hahahahaha!!!!!!
Penguins 3 måneder siden
Go packers. Go pack go
colin arnold
colin arnold 3 måneder siden
mate its always a race to do things when the weather starts to close in on yah, my grandad would look up into the sky, and if he saw mare tails he would say three days before it rains, I miss those days of great knowledge. Mare tails are when a high jet stream is moving in
John Woods
John Woods 3 måneder siden
I have a 6175r - you may have locked off the rear linkage (hydraulic arms) or set a minimum height that it wont go past. Both controls are on the arm controls to the right of the tractor seat. Just suggesting. UK Farmer.
Drew w
Drew w 3 måneder siden
Nice upgrade on the Ranger! And on the XCR!
waketheoblivious 3 måneder siden
Horse, the farm needs a horse of course and I'm sure your daughter would agree. "Outside of a horse is good for the inside of a person."
Jaime Boutin
Jaime Boutin 3 måneder siden
Snow allready
Keith Fuhrman
Keith Fuhrman 3 måneder siden
May need to adjust the shims on the wear blocks that touch the sway cams. The quick coupler may be a bit narrow.
Lyle Alexander
Lyle Alexander 3 måneder siden
We have had the same problem with our draft arms on our 8420 Zach
Lyle Alexander
Lyle Alexander 3 måneder siden
Zach our Shop Foreman Buddy at our Deere Dealer told me to always put the draft arms all the way down when the tractor is not being used which for us as we are 100% No Till, the Deere does not see much time in the field right now.
Chris Tessmer
Chris Tessmer 3 måneder siden
I'm told dirt gets in the seals of the 3 point cylinders and will keep it from going down.
Luke Knudson
Luke Knudson 3 måneder siden
Buy a 9rx please
Nicholas Coppicus
Nicholas Coppicus 3 måneder siden
Keep it under a 100 no keep in under 200 lol
whodatdere1 3 måneder siden
I love me a game of farm implement tetris. And that's what she said jokes
PeaceXthroughXmusic 3 måneder siden
Would a handheld leaf blower at point-blank range take care of the snow on the corn header and on top of the dryer? I'm thinking you might be able to climb up there, give it a quick dust, and avoid all sorts of headache.
SD Farmer
SD Farmer 3 måneder siden
On my new tractors the three point won’t go down if it’s too cold so you gotta let it warm up.
B M gaming
B M gaming 3 måneder siden
Get a squeegee for skip steer it will be easier
Daryl Herlick
Daryl Herlick 3 måneder siden
Hla is out of listowel Ontario....5hr from my farm
Brandon Erb
Brandon Erb 3 måneder siden
On the 3 point of the tractor you can run the hitch manually. When youre standing at the back of the tractor on the top right theres a rubber cap that pulls off and you push and turn the screw.
Chase Janus
Chase Janus 3 måneder siden
Snow pushes are the best. Ive worked at places where we have em on skidsteers and wheel loaders. Can move a ton of snow
Mr. Python
Mr. Python 3 måneder siden
The "that's what she Said's" really got be goin lolol
Cas Husmann
Cas Husmann 3 måneder siden
The "Welker Wagon"! Couldn't come up with a better NICKname if I tried.....
Steve Rosenberger
Steve Rosenberger 3 måneder siden
Good Works Tractor sell a lot of equipment out of state. They sold Tim of Tractor time with Tim a new John Deere 1025R tractor in Indiana.
Karen Schneider
Karen Schneider 3 måneder siden
Your Dad seems so easy going, you seem to have such a great father -son relationship.
Niel van Schalkwyk
Niel van Schalkwyk 3 måneder siden
Zack can you make a video of operating the Sprayer one day in your next season here from Hoopstad South Africa
javasoccernut 3 måneder siden
I heard those barely loud enough that's what she said
Logan Herr
Logan Herr 3 måneder siden
Love that pipe
waterskiingfool 3 måneder siden
Weather sucks for farming but nice to get some other projects done. Maybe millennial farmers battery luck has changed.
W.K.B 1122
W.K.B 1122 3 måneder siden
SR-71 Blackbird
SR-71 Blackbird 3 måneder siden
Clean the burners
shawn soule
shawn soule 3 måneder siden
More sledding videos.
Matt henry
Matt henry 3 måneder siden
It is 70 degrees where I live and you got snow
Elizabeth Erdman
Elizabeth Erdman 3 måneder siden
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 3 måneder siden
Farmers aren't enemies, they are competitors who help each others. They know that competition improves the genre.
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch 3 måneder siden
Looks like you’ve got a cat 2 quick hitch on a cat 3 tractor.
David Plays
David Plays 3 måneder siden
Hey did you sale your 6410
tyfarmall 3 måneder siden
When is Mitch coming back for another round of #combinekaraoke ??????????????????????????????
mike blackford
mike blackford 3 måneder siden
Your electric bill must be horrible.
Harish Bandari
Harish Bandari 3 måneder siden
Sir any job vacancies in your field
Kyle Niederkohr
Kyle Niederkohr 3 måneder siden
Nothing beats the sound of a piped sled miss mine
Gerald Roth
Gerald Roth 3 måneder siden
The only difference between men and boys, is the price of their toys.
Max Duncan
Max Duncan 3 måneder siden
It needs WD-40 lol
Mark Karslake
Mark Karslake 3 måneder siden
Hey you need to pump heaps of grease grease nappies under back window behind hydraulic bank
falouchelo 3 måneder siden
hey, put you loader on float all the time in the first snow falls and adjust your grade pitch , that'll help with moving less dirt and gravels with your plow...just saying ,,, from an experienced canuck :D
lambert Smith
lambert Smith 3 måneder siden
Your hitch sway blocks are catching on the lift arms due to the quick hitch
lambert Smith
lambert Smith 3 måneder siden
I hade the same issue with a 7410
wordlog 3 måneder siden
I am envious of your clean building. I clean it, Dad can't be bothered to pick up after himself... so it gets bad fast. (or put tools back in their proper place, though I have no room to talk, I have planted a few wrenches, they don't yield well in our dirt) =p
George Woods
George Woods 3 måneder siden
Hey by the way you might want to put some hydraulic fluid in your tractor, it looks like it’s getting a little low😂
seankennerson 3 måneder siden
What type of exhaust is that
B H 3 måneder siden
It’s the quick hitch! Mine does the same thing!
Joliet John
Joliet John 3 måneder siden
How tough would it be to prefab a snow roof to the dryer? Have it 5-6 feet over the catwalk?
Adam Stevens
Adam Stevens 3 måneder siden
Loud pipes saves lives!
Jay Barbaro
Jay Barbaro 3 måneder siden
Just subscribed last week and I’m binge watching all your previous shows. Love it. How many John Deere machines do you own.
Jordan Fullner
Jordan Fullner 3 måneder siden
There should be grease zerks on the lift arms up on top or behind
Lance Hanlon
Lance Hanlon 3 måneder siden
Why are we upgrading? Because we can, should be the answer
Noah’s chronicles
Noah’s chronicles 3 måneder siden
You need to get Jim on the podcast
Gerald Felch
Gerald Felch 3 måneder siden
Zack I was thinking about the loader tractors hydraulics I bet it has moisture. Bring it in warm it up.
blane upshaw
blane upshaw 3 måneder siden
Do you not have a cutting torch or wheel that 3point could of been a minute or less fix
steven hands
steven hands 3 måneder siden
You have some wicked toys zac.
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller 3 måneder siden
Hey michigan made your mentions! Too bad our Governor is a idiot
allritecoach 63
allritecoach 63 3 måneder siden
Maybe a little of that wd 40 might help!!
Se McKeown
Se McKeown 3 måneder siden
Nice video
Waylon Jennings
Waylon Jennings 3 måneder siden
Dude your videos are awesome
Taylor’s Drone Vids & Fun
Taylor’s Drone Vids & Fun 3 måneder siden
Welker Wagon👍😂
Taylor’s Drone Vids & Fun
Taylor’s Drone Vids & Fun 3 måneder siden
That’s what she said 😂👍
Zero Quanta
Zero Quanta 3 måneder siden
If Didge gets cold WHY don't you get him a Millennial Farm Jacket,,,,,,???????????????????
Marshall Weber
Marshall Weber 3 måneder siden
Awesome Video and Much Love from Kentucky!!
richdwinkler 3 måneder siden
Kerry Aldrich
Kerry Aldrich 3 måneder siden
Man you really need a cheap robot vacuum for your shop keep those dust bunnies down.
Hayden Huss
Hayden Huss 3 måneder siden
Has your map on fs19 came out yes
Jack 3 måneder siden
Whoever the actor is who' plays Zach Johnson, What exactly does "plenum" stand for/mean? Thanks!
Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 3 måneder siden
It's the center of the dryer where the heat and air is pushed into and then forced out through the corn that is in the walls. In our dryer there are 2. An upper and a lower.
Gary Manske
Gary Manske 3 måneder siden
Those are 'more better' rims and tires for the Razer!
Michael Howie
Michael Howie 3 måneder siden
I would so like to come to your farm and try the amazing machinery, pretty sure its hard work, but looks so fun
Darin Schmidt
Darin Schmidt 3 måneder siden
Should put some snow guards on your steel roofs keep you and the little ones safe and alot less digging!
James H
James H 3 måneder siden
Is the 620 quadtrac really one of welkers, or you just slapped a welker farms magnet on her, Zach?
Luca Dametto
Luca Dametto 3 måneder siden
Prjndigo 3 måneder siden
Just open the rock trap and start the header...
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