7 Inches Short

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Millennial Farmer

6 dager siden

Just kidding, I need 2 half inch bolts, seven inches long.. But I'm short a couple bolts to finish todays project on the strip-tiller. #BrutalCold #PolarVortex
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Edited By:
Becky Johnson

Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer 6 dager siden
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Master7899 2 dager siden
Hey zach quick question? Which chevy is your car?
Gabe Ramsier
Gabe Ramsier 3 dager siden
Don’t like the knew camera, can’t hear you as well
Shane Karns
Shane Karns 3 dager siden
Your story line on Facebook doesn't let ya send any messages, faces our thumbs up . Didnt know if you know about that
Paul Copeland
Paul Copeland 5 dager siden
@Michael VanGundy ..Unless you have some odd computer that I don't know about, I am sure it has a function where you can turn it off!
acweusthoff 5 dager siden
I tried Simplisafe- everything was great and just as he says....until I tried to activate the app. After multiple attempts to connect my system to the app, and some calls to Simplisafe, they told me they have trouble with their app on IPhone/Apple products. Simplisafe still handled the return and refund very smoothly though.
Green thumb
Green thumb Time siden
Ha new pickup, two knipco’s , trip to town to buy more heat tape. New regulator don’t want to purchase to replace defective one two years running 60 bucks - priceless. I know run back to town and buy new kerosene heater, that will fix 4:30 am wake-ups. Sorry, I’m 55, less filters my age.
Arxavier Boone-Taylor
Arxavier Boone-Taylor 3 timer siden
Could you shout out triple r farms it’s a NOpost channel
Steve Holsten
Steve Holsten 11 timer siden
Thanks, Zach & Becky. Is the new truck a Duramax?
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 13 timer siden
Yea that’s exactly the way the pros do it hahah thanks for another sweet video always fun to watch
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson 14 timer siden
Idk if you state's regulations allows it, but mine allows regulators to be in the building if the vent is piped outdoors. Might help the freeze up.
Jellyfish Trio
Jellyfish Trio 16 timer siden
Great job at the pork producers dinner. I am now going to watch your videos
Hammer Down Farming
Hammer Down Farming 17 timer siden
I tell my customers when the regulators freeze up here in Ohio to just pour hot water on them and they thaw right out. Make sure when you get transport loads in they put methyl alcohol in. it removes moisture in the system that's where your freeze ups normally come from
April 1
April 1 17 timer siden
I had to replay it, 1/2" plate, 5" x 10 feet? Yet the welding shop cut them correctly at 10 inches......like they knew what you meant😝
twcstransam 19 timer siden
Wow those craftsman toolboxes sound flimsy compared to your gear wrench one
xcesmess 20 timer siden
SponsorBlock would literally block half of this video.
Richard Akins
Richard Akins Dag siden
Is that "What she said"?
Dale Walker
Dale Walker Dag siden
THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID. Wouldn't have that problem with red
Carp lake farms Levering michigan
Carp lake farms Levering michigan Dag siden
I have the same heater Zack they are junk what kind of heater doesn't work when it's too cold mine does the same thing when it's too cold the fuel gels up it's very frustrating
Jamie Parfitt
Jamie Parfitt Dag siden
I know where your heat gun is...................ONYX has it. Being a parent to a son and daughter, the son will have always put it somewhere. Sorry kids.
Jacob Black
Jacob Black Dag siden
You should check out the Farming in the 208 NOpost channel and invite him on your podcast to give us a comparison of Idaho potato farming and Midwest corn farming
sledstorm1 Dag siden
Someone needed a tax deduction. lol
The motorsports project
The motorsports project Dag siden
I say skip the leveling kit! They sit high in the back so when you tow they sit level. If you level it then they tow nose high.
Prjndigo Dag siden
Filament incandescent bulb in a trouble light with a plastic bucket slot on side put down over the top of the regulator will solve all your woes.
Gaudy Dag siden
I know this is kind of a long shot but do you think you can start selling bottles of soybeans kind of how welker farms does
Nick Bradley
Nick Bradley Dag siden
5 inches short is better.
Sondre Øverland
Sondre Øverland Dag siden
Milleniam farmer. How do you get over a breakup. It seems so hard and now im to blind to see my own good. What do i do?
Trellen Russey
Trellen Russey Dag siden
Hang in there we all have days full of frustration!!
Someone Dag siden
Just like me 😓
Mitch Wedding
Mitch Wedding Dag siden
Leveled my bosses 1 ton with a suspension max kit. They look real good and can fit 37s no issues. Recommend that or cognito!
Dave Kimbler
Dave Kimbler Dag siden
By the way what and who had the correct answer to the photograph you posted ?
Tennile Lindskov
Tennile Lindskov Dag siden
my you channill is lindskov ranch
Farm&Race Gaming
Farm&Race Gaming Dag siden
I'm glad you did not thaw the regulator with a hotwrench....
Lawrence Kiel-sr
Lawrence Kiel-sr Dag siden
Zack, what is the most dramatic episode you've experienced on the farm? Mine was on 4th of July. Combining wheat with 1440. Someone drove by a fired a bottle rocket into field, Combining i thought a belt was smoking, swung around combine and seen field was on fire 🔥, tried to outrun fire . No good turning i ran back through fire line, fire trucks driving across field turned their hoses on me driving combine. Never found who set off bottle rocket 🚀.
Luke Schoebl
Luke Schoebl Dag siden
White pickups with black wheels look sharp in my opinion. Mine have chrome around the outer lip kinda like a fake beadlock look. Definitely level, especially if your upping the tire size!
Mentally Fit Famer
Mentally Fit Famer Dag siden
Why go to town once when you can go twice. How far out of town are you? Our farm was about 12 miles.
earl Wright
earl Wright Dag siden
7" inches short of 8" inches!
Brp Fan
Brp Fan Dag siden
Awesome truck!! No leave the rims that you have, they look awesome!!
Dave Kimbler
Dave Kimbler 2 dager siden
I hope it don’t hit when your folded . That thing gets any longer and your going to need S.Dakota license on it also ! Lol
Anna Kemery
Anna Kemery 2 dager siden
i ss that you bot a new chevy pikup
Benjamin Page
Benjamin Page 2 dager siden
I'd go with black rims.
Michael Neuman
Michael Neuman 2 dager siden
Clarity is better but focusing is weird.
oldsloane 2 dager siden
I find that as soon as I buy a new one the old one magically appears that’s why I have three drills and two impacts.
oldsloane 2 dager siden
Watching you drill those holes makes me wonder how the hell we ever got by without cordless drills and impacts.
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 2 dager siden
Vise duh
Tony Curtiss
Tony Curtiss 2 dager siden
Pays to have kids .... to get more of that gov money. Makes buying those New trucks a lot easier.
selbrade 2 dager siden
Boiling water poured over the regulator... from a Minnesota propane guy.
Mod Squad
Mod Squad 2 dager siden
Get rid of the camera
Mod Squad
Mod Squad 2 dager siden
Y'all's stuff starts???
Sean Toner
Sean Toner 2 dager siden
I like the idea of the black and chrome wheels for the new truck
Jeff Simonar
Jeff Simonar 2 dager siden
You know you were going to find that heat tape as soon as you buy some more😬
Jeff Simonar
Jeff Simonar 2 dager siden
The video is a little bit too close, especially on the face shots🤣🤣
Jeff Simonar
Jeff Simonar 2 dager siden
Just use a torch to heat it up😁
TOM PETERS 2 dager siden
Definitely level kit!!! And black rims would look awesome on it!!
mike o'neil
mike o'neil 2 dager siden
if it’s not one thing it’s another. ahhhh life
Kyle Speer
Kyle Speer 2 dager siden
why not get milwakee drill set
Emry Thompson
Emry Thompson 2 dager siden
Typical Midwestern Millennial, always too short
Eduardo Guardado
Eduardo Guardado 2 dager siden
Insulate the regulators and lines
ryanswank31 2 dager siden
Boiling water on the regulator whenever it freezes up. Works every time
Jarod Underberg
Jarod Underberg 2 dager siden
Did pops take the heat gun?
Salvatore M
Salvatore M 2 dager siden
My generation has such a Corny name ..Gen X . I'm stuck in between the millenials ( good name ) and the boomers ... I'm lost somewhere in a Pauly Shore movie
Salvatore M
Salvatore M 2 dager siden
Just when I thought you couldn't be any more ---: , you go and do something like this ......And totally redeem yourself ... High five
Jordan Thurston
Jordan Thurston 2 dager siden
Do you know what tools to use to put a ball hitch on a John deere x300 mower
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 2 dager siden
Just cause my faith in you to dissolve. Chevy thumbs down
Bunk Hindman
Bunk Hindman 2 dager siden
Is this gonna take long
steven lp
steven lp 3 dager siden
definitely would do the level kit
azimus1776 3 dager siden
I'm not sure what a regulator is, but could the regulator be placed inside the building on the other side of a window or something?
Bill Bahmuller
Bill Bahmuller 3 dager siden
There are two things that will save your wrist. One is a step bit that allows you to increase the size of the hole in measured steps. The other is to use an impact driver with the drill bit. When the bit catches the driver will go into impact and keep drilling instead of twisting your arm off. I rarely use a regular drill anymore.
waterskiingfool 3 dager siden
Gotta be careful opening so many drawers on the toolbox,. I've had one start to tip before.
Peter IJmker
Peter IJmker 3 dager siden
3:00 the heatgun is in the bed of miss Millenial hihhi
D. Miller
D. Miller 3 dager siden
Level it and put bigger tires. Keep stock wheels though
J D 3 dager siden
That's what she dreams about.
Livescope Fishing Logging Hunting Life
Livescope Fishing Logging Hunting Life 3 dager siden
Camera is awesome
Phil Collins
Phil Collins 3 dager siden
Would have primed and painted those shims they will rust out and mar the frame as they are.
Isaac Crosiar
Isaac Crosiar 3 dager siden
Electric tailgate! It's not weird. Been doing it for a month now.
Erick Bauer
Erick Bauer 3 dager siden
Level kit wears tires real bad also makes back sag when towing. Truck designed to sit high in back
Scott B
Scott B 3 dager siden
Definitely chrome
Kevin Stebanuk
Kevin Stebanuk 3 dager siden
When you always have to look for something and you cannot find it always stop looking for it because you always can find it so weird how that works 😂
Keith Bau.gardner
Keith Bau.gardner 3 dager siden
Just thought you would paint the plates before installing that's just my opinion
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis 3 dager siden
Just wear one of those Britney Spears pop star headsets to fix the audio.
carter wilson
carter wilson 3 dager siden
Put a set of 20x10 chrome wheels with 285/55 tires with stock height on the new truck
Phil Davis
Phil Davis 3 dager siden
My bad, changed the setting on video quality and looks great now. It's freezing in S.Alabama. Can't take this 35 degree weather LOL.
Phil Davis
Phil Davis 3 dager siden
Picture is not as clear in the shop as it was outside when you were walking up to the shop at the beginning.
Jim Bob Young
Jim Bob Young 3 dager siden
7 inches short.... That's what she said lol
C & C Whitetails of Ohio
C & C Whitetails of Ohio 3 dager siden
I leveled my 2019 Sierra 3500... looks sweet actually
vetboy627 3 dager siden
When the guy from Minnesota says it brutally cold, that's how you know it's pretty f'ing cold
Thomas Carrico
Thomas Carrico 3 dager siden
Is your truck a duramax or gas because I know how annoying def is and gas trucks start way easier and I don’t see the duramax badge on the hood so I see why you would go with a gasser if you did
Chris Rowlison
Chris Rowlison 3 dager siden
I like the different style... quite interesting, a nice change up
Brandon Emken
Brandon Emken 3 dager siden
I think the camera you used in the last video is better, the audio sounds better and more clear.
Lindsay Truscott
Lindsay Truscott 3 dager siden
That's what she said
The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy
The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy 3 dager siden
Hey zack, I was wondering how you grew your NOpost channel. I have been making farm videos for 2 years now and collected 250 subs. I was wondering your tactic on getting more views.
Steve Nicoson
Steve Nicoson 3 dager siden
Thanks for your time and the video. Lots of odds and ends getting the equipment setup with the new parts. Always an item you need to run for, never fails to happen. Bitter cold weather adds to our things to do list. Lot of things refuse to operate in bitter cold weather. Happy days. Believe that. Like the new pickup. Believe it is a high country model. Has some new options like push button tailgate , very handy. Thanks again for the video. Thanks to Becky for editing. Take care in the cold. Iowa farm boy from years ago.
Nathan Wolf
Nathan Wolf 3 dager siden
I just want to know why you bought a white pickup truck White's a fleet color you could have went green or yellow or red
J. Salmi
J. Salmi 3 dager siden
this stabilizer is now very weird. Feels like I am being drunk and watching. But now I can not hear your inhale wich is good
Nolan Billings
Nolan Billings 3 dager siden
Your truck will look great leveled out! You have to put new shocks and preferably upper control arms on it. Stock shocks will bottom out and stock control arms will hit the bump stops... you won’t be happy with the ride if you just crank the torsion bars!
IInvertxiaa 3 dager siden
You uploaded a video on my BIRTHDAY AND DIDDNT TELL ME???
Jaswinder S. Sandhu
Jaswinder S. Sandhu 3 dager siden
Very nice videos keep it up
jordan mcfarren
jordan mcfarren 3 dager siden
When I built farm equipment, we used to use plywood rectangles like 2'x3' and set them on trash cans. They were great for quick tables and also kept the trashcan close by. I used them almost every day and still at home now. Plus you can drag them around one handed, and replace the surface with any wood you have, like the sides of a crate or whatever. Great for a quick spray paint table too.
Jackson Tire & Lube
Jackson Tire & Lube 3 dager siden
Nice truck same as my new one new gas 6.6 is awesome
BB2Countries 3 dager siden
Needs Cole the Cornstar to organize the shop :D
Brennen Zitzow
Brennen Zitzow 3 dager siden
You used the wrong socket. The proper socket is chrome.
F12Mahon 3 dager siden
My natural gas regulator froze up so it only let a little gas through to the furnace. Furnace man told me to call the gas company. I did and they came to my house and replaced it. Call your gas company and talk to them. Might have water in it like mine did.
still Living
still Living 4 dager siden
You should watch the lock picking lawyer, because there is a cheap transmitter that you can buy on amazon to bypass the code on simply safe home alarms, along with a small ham radio that can do it as well. Wranglerstar did a video about this guy, and a trailer lock that is hard to steal a trailer with, and was actually scared at what this guy teaches people, and the scary part is that he makes and sells tool's to pick almost any lock. God bless, hope you check this out.
Trump 4 dager siden
Bet Zach can work it to get those inches need LOL
djkremer 4 dager siden
Camera looks awesome
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